The Moon Lodge

The Moon Lodge was and should still be seen as a special time and place for women. This was a time when during her menstrual cycle she was removed from all duties. This has, in the past been mis-understood as a time when the woman was un-clean and therefore not permitted to be around men, food, or others. This is nothing more than ignorance. Just another way to shame women, to enforce inferiority upon them.

The woman was permitted to take rest during this time to honour her bodily changes, she was permitted to take a retreat from daily activities to rest and be at one with other women who were also going through this special time. People do not realize the sacredness of the moon-time, a time of natural occurrence. Just as the moon has its full cycle, so does the women. This is a time where the egg of creation has not been used, not been fertilized, and so requires a natural abortion, a natural resolve, back to the earth where it can fertilize our mother.

Some women will sit and allow their creative blood to flow back into our mother, but today, this would be seen as horrendous, disgusting, outrageous; yet we can feed our plants the blood and bone of other creatures. How ignorant we two-leggeds have become! We are so far away from our natural connection, we have lost so much of our intelligence and replaced it with pomposity!  The moon cycle is how the body removes the unused egg of creation in order to free the body for its next cycle of growth.

Women are made in the image of our mother earth, they are mothers of the creative force, the egg of creation, they hold creative power within them, they are fertile, just like our mother earth, and much disrespect has been shown to both the mothers of the earth AND mother earth. There has been much disrespect towards the feminine and until such time ceases, there will not be world peace, not until the feminine is honoured as it should be, until then, there will always be un-rest.

This is not a war about man verses women, that is the understanding and stupidity of those who walk in the dark, those who walk with their eyes closed. It is not a war of the sexes it never has been. It is simply about the female taking her rightful place in the world. When men (and not all men) stop denying their own feminine within, and start to realize that we all hold the male and female within, they will cease feeling castrated and feel they can relinquish the need to try and control the feminine, the female, the woman. Respect will return and peace will come over the earth as our mother also receives the respect she is due. In the same way, when some females stop trying to be the man and honour both sides of themselves, we will have balance.

To deny a woman her rest period and expect her to continue with family duties and chores would be seen as great disrespect, not only to the woman, but also to mother earth and grandmother moon. It was seen as that disrespectful that tribes would be concerned about future fertility and abundance.

Yet today, women are still expected to cook, clean, pay bills, shop etc during their moon cycle. It has now become a custom to just take a pill if you are in pain, and women are often seen as weak if they are unwell and need the day off; after all, it is ONLY a period! Yet, everyone wonders why she has mood swings; those mood swings are her inner cycles calling out for respect, it is her body reminding her that she needs to respect and honour herself, to re-connect with mother earth. Her moods swing because she is out of balance with her natural cycle of life.

Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo