The Stone People

The Stone People are the record holders for Mother Earth, these great teachers can give us much knowledge regarding the history of our planet, they know everything that has happened in their specific area.

Many coloured stones (crystals) have been used throughout the centuries for healing purposes, these are usually specific minerals that can speak to the healer and assist them in the healing process. There are many different types of Stone People and we will all be drawn to different ones. Each one can have a different message for each of us, each Stone Person will provide us with the support we need at that particular time.

The Stone People come in many forms, the stones used in traditional native healing are those found by river banks and along canyon walls, which come to the surface through natural erosion. Although there is nothing wrong with taking from our Mother Earth, it is always a good idea to offer tobacco or to plant a tree in gratitude for that which you have removed. It is always respectful to ask permission from Mother Earth prior to taking anything, and listen quietly for the answer. If it is not alright for you to take that which you ask for, then don’t, please respect what our dear Mother asks. If you have been told ‘no’ and you take it anyway, it is disrespectful and it may not serve to be the healing tool that you wanted.

The Stone People who come to the surface of our Mother Earth will become soil in future generations due to erosion, and to those who do not understand the Stone People they will be seen as nothing more than rocks. Yet to those who have remembered their connection to the Stone People, every marking on a rock has a meaning, every rock has a message and when you look closely, faces can be seen on the surface of the Stone and their bodies can be shaped to look like an animal or other form.

When we are attracted to a certain Stone Person and we pick that Stone Person up, it has a lesson for us. If we hold it quietly and gently, we will receive its message. We will all be drawn to different Stone People at different times of our lives, and what you are drawn to today, may not be what someone else is drawn to, we are all different, all individual drops of the same ocean, we are all in need of different teachings at different times.

Lessons on how to live in harmony on the Earth can be learned through connecting to the Stone People because each rock or Stone Person is a part of the body of our Mother, when the Stone Person speaks, our Mother Earth speaks. When we hold a Stone Person, we will slow down our minds and feel the grounding influence that it brings, that sought after feeling of balance and serenity . When you are not feeling connected to our Mother Earth, find a Stone Person. Some of the signs of being off balance are overeating, talking too much, addictions, compulsions or erratic behaviour. The grounding influence is a way of anchoring the body to our Mother Earth and feeling the security of her nurturing influence. Their mission is to be of service to us, but it is up to us to seek and accept their gifts, they can draw us to them, but we have to take the time to connect and listen.

Always Walk in Peace – Kenzo